I got my mantor ds few weeks ago so I have the mantor classic, ds, and tugger. Highly recommend them all. The mantor line is my 4th type of widely used dual tension devices i have including the ***. I put the longer ds cords on the tugger so they pull straight and don't rub and cut the silicone, other than that no other mods. Oh I also bought a wing nut to easily hold on my weights from my ***x and there is a ring nut to use straps. Mostly I just use the device tho it tensions outer skin well all by itself. The ds is very nice looking, the most comfortable, most functional device I have so its what gets used now, most of the time. I retain with the tugger but any of the three devices can be used as a retainer, that won't come off. All mantors are very easy to put on, and grip very well. Seems to be the evolution of dual tension devices Indeed, highly recommended. Thank you Tamir. Very grateful. Edit. Should have mentioned you can tug a certain area more to even out uneven foreskin with the Ds. Only devise I know that does such that I'm aware of. My skin is very uneven right/left so the Ds is ideal for that reason as well.
I received my mantor restorer a few weeks ago and I must say I'm very impressed. It is similar to the ***, but better! I've had to use long rods (like many of you) to stretch my skin enough to grow it (I'm approximately 8.25inx7in erect) and with the *** the rod began to bend over time and would stick out to the side instead of straight up and down at high tension. The mantor has fixed that issue AND with the tension targeting feature on it, if any of my foreskin that is under the grippper is not in as far as it should be (either through applying it wrong or the skin just being shorter on that side, I can pull the elastic and it will pull the skin further up the gripper! Also the part that touches your head is made from some sort of silicone type material that is more gentle than the harder plastic on the ***. I think it's definitely worth adding the Manter Restorer to your arsenal and it has made me excited about restoring again. I went with the sky blue color.
Tamir asked me to do a review a while ago but to be honest I was embarrassed to, which is ridiculous really as I can honestly say since joining this group I have never known a group of men be more supportive of each other. I thought about what I’d say about the product but realised it was probably better to do a review of the device and the man himself…..Tamir your device has made me proud of something I have hated for all my life up until now, the progress I have had using your invention has been nothing short of amazing and you have been so kind in all you help and responses, including your willingness to bare all with videos of yourself demonstrating the use of the Mantor. It’s honestly changed my life, I feel like I’m getting something I lost back and I can’t thank you enough…. For anyone thinking of starting their journey and purchasing a device I couldn’t recommend a product or a person more than the Mantor and Tamir. Thanks again. 👍
Tamir Levy, I take back any doubt I ever had. Toda raba for this amazing engineering marvel. Had this device been around when I first started, I would undoubtedly be finished already, because I previously took many interims while restoring due to pain. The Mantor took a couple minutes to figure out without reading any material or watching videos, but that was with prior knowledge of these types of devices. For newbies, I guess it depends on the person but still very easy to figure out. Initial thoughts: VERY COMFORTABLE. Holy shit, don't get me wrong I love my OG device but the Mantor knocks everything else that I've used out of the park. I can even sit down without feeling any weird pressure or pain. The push plate is silicone and the grip bell is covered with a silicone layer, I feel that gives it extra comfort and gripping capabilities. Just be sure to wash it frequently as with any device. As far as tension, again, knocks it out of the park. I feel like I have so much more control over which part is tensioned and it feels like proper tension too, without the pain. All I can say is give it a try, especially with the money back guarantee Tamir is offering, which is pretty amazing considering where these devices are put.. (edit: he doesn't resell devices that have been returned. But none have been returned as of yet!)
You know.....I wear the Mantor device for hours, knowing that one day I'll have my foreskin back. I LOVE those few seconds when I take the device off and the skin stays over my glans and I have a foreskin to appreciate and love. I actually feel more confident about myself now. The Mantor device is a bit pricey but well worth the investment. Well designed and thought out. Tamir Levy?? MANY thanks from ALL of us that you've changed(ing). BEST move I could have ever made!!!
Hello everyone ! I wanted to share that I recently received my Mantor Restorer and so far it’s the most comfortable device I’ve ever used. I hope on the long run it’ll be as practical as well. The producer is super interested and helpful with the entire purchase process and he is a real intactivist. Highly recommended!
Got my Mantor yesterday and am so happy to be working on this project. An hour yesterday and just peeked after the 1st hour today ..... anyone else find a lotof precum when you remove the cap? Dam this feels good. Thanks Tamir!
The only thing i can see myself using is the mantor. It's the only thing I've used for hours without discomfort. The discomfort only comes after like six to eight hours of consistent wearing, with physical labor involved moving around alot. (I work as an electrician apprentice doing alot of grunt work for the construction and moving around in high and tight spaces) and after like a fifteen minute break I can get right back to it. I use it as a weighted device however not with the dual tension. My only issue I've had with the mantor is trying to put it back together after complete disassembly since the elastics are extremely tedious to get into place properly all at the same time. However you can easily clean the device without complete disassembly There is no device that rivals in comfort, which makes it the most likely device you *will* wear daily in a routine without dreading it. The majority of the day I even forget I'm wearing it and I'm saying that without embellishing it at all. I have also a dtr type device. (Happy aardvark restoration tool) Very well designed but there's much more frequent discomfort, as well as much more slippage over time. Which is due to the nature of the materials it is made from. The mantor is just the superior product

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