Silicone top gripper

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Made from a platinum cured high quality silicone, this gripper is designed to hold your skin in place in both a comfortable and efficient manner.

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Medium (Used with A+B Sized Pushers), Large (Used with C+D Sized Pushers), X-Large (Used with E+F+G Sized Pushers), I would like 1 Medium + 1 Large, I would like 1 Large + 1 XLarge

16 reviews for Silicone top gripper

  1. Scott (verified owner)

    Feels great while holding the skin in place. Love it!

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  2. Michael J. (verified owner)

    The new silicone gripper design has better grip and makes it easier to change the elastic bands when needed. A+++

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  3. Tyler (verified owner)

    Excellent product and customer service

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  4. Charles (verified owner)

    Really fantastic product.

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  6. Randy (verified owner)

    These are super comfortable. It’s the same one that comes with the Mantor kit, no surprise. However, it was awesome that they sent a courtesy, no charge replacement when it got damaged in shipping. Great service and great products.

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  7. Charles (verified owner)

    The silicone top and bottom grippers are excellent. They hold completely with no slippage. But the best thing is the comfort level. When worn as a retainer, it feels like nothing is on at all. Thanks for the amazing product!

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  8. WILLIAM (verified owner)

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  9. Roth D. (verified owner)

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  10. Adam B. (verified owner)

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  11. David Playfair (verified owner)

    I love my Manor! Once I found the right sized pusher I have worn it everyday and I am definitely making big strides and quick progress. I’m very grateful for this device, and it’s worth every cent I paid, and more!

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  12. Dom P. (verified owner)

    They are very comfortable. I wear one to bed every night.

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  13. Alejandro (verified owner)

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  14. Kenneth B. (verified owner)

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  15. Mark (verified owner)

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  16. Daniel Green (verified owner)

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For Beginners with Foreskin restoration who measure themselves at a CI 1 or CI 2 level

Normally 1 Rod of 8 Cm and another Rod of 10 Cm should be good to begin with.

If you are more than CI 2, please measure your foreskin’s stretchable length to find the correct Rod size for you. 


1. Place your index fingers on the glans. With the other hand grab the foreskin.

2. Slowly push the glans inside the penis. With the other hand pull the foreskin forward as far as possible.

3. Mark with the thumb the point where the foreskin reaches to.

4. Use a measurement tool to measure the distance.

Calculation of the correct rod size:

Now that you know your foreskin’s stretchable length, you should add 3 cm to the number you have measured.
For example, in the photo the number is 8 so a rod of 11 cm will be the one that fits.

Another example, If your stretching distance turned out to be 9.5 Cm, round it up to 10 Cm and add 3.
10+3=13 Cm.  The correct Rod size for you will be 13Cm

When ordering it is recommended to choose one rod according to the size obtained in the calculation and a second rod slightly longer (2-3 cm) to enjoy both the possibility of a good tug with a short rod and a longer one you can grow into.
You can add more rods to your order at the accessories part of the shop, and enjoy even more flexibility.

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