Mantor Retainer/Tugger + Strap kit


The ultimate budget solution for people who are just beginning their foreskin restoration and don’t want to invest on devices just yet.

It’s the easiest device to begin with as you don’t need much skin to use it.

With This Kit you get two devices in 1, a Retainer + Tugger.

**As a retainer it is so comfortable you’ll forget you have it on. It’s completely unfelt.

It has a large hole in the middle so you could actually pee through it without having to take it of.

If you have enough skin to contain an erection you can sleep with it and have your glans covered 24/7.

**As a tugger it will firmly grip your skin, and with the Mantor’s Tugging strap you can comfortably tug your foreskin.

The double gripper is strechy and grippy, made from the highest quality, platinum skin safe silicone

You want to know how to use a Tugging Strap?

Click on this link to see the Mantor’s guide for using a tugging strap

You can also manual tug with it, grab the ring with your thumb and pull as much as you want.

Weight 0.02 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2.5 cm
Retainer Size

Medium 26-32mm, Large 33-38mm, XLarge 39mm-45mm

Strap Type

Mantor Tugger


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    For Beginners with Foreskin restoration who measure themselves at a CI 1 or CI 2 level

    Normally 1 Rod of 8 Cm and another Rod of 10 Cm should be good to begin with.

    If you are more than CI 2, please measure your foreskin’s stretchable length to find the correct Rod size for you. 


    1. Place your index fingers on the glans. With the other hand grab the foreskin.

    2. Slowly push the glans inside the penis. With the other hand pull the foreskin forward as far as possible.

    3. Mark with the thumb the point where the foreskin reaches to.

    4. Use a measurement tool to measure the distance.

    Calculation of the correct rod size:

    Now that you know your foreskin’s stretchable length, you should add 3 cm to the number you have measured.
    For example, in the photo the number is 8 so a rod of 11 cm will be the one that fits.

    Another example, If your stretching distance turned out to be 9.5 Cm, round it up to 10 Cm and add 3.
    10+3=13 Cm.  The correct Rod size for you will be 13Cm

    When ordering it is recommended to choose one rod according to the size obtained in the calculation and a second rod slightly longer (2-3 cm) to enjoy both the possibility of a good tug with a short rod and a longer one you can grow into.
    You can add more rods to your order at the accessories part of the shop, and enjoy even more flexibility.

    Guide for choosing a pusher


    Guide for choosing the right pusher for you!


    The Pusher pads are divided into two types: Notched and Round.

    First step in choosing the pusher for you is to determine whether you need a notched pusher or a round pusher.

    Notched is for restorers who are left with a remanent of the frenulum.

    Round is for those without any frenulum left.

    How can I tell if I have some frenulum left?

    Normally there should be a thin line under the glans where the frenulum sits, in that case you some left and you should choose the Notched pusher. If there’s no line and you don’t feel this area is more sensitive to touch, you should probably go for the round pusher.

    How to find the correct pusher to fit your glans?

    Each type of pusher comes in 7 different sizes. 

    You should first measure your glans to decide which size fits you.

    ***You should measure your glans at your usual flaccid size***

    We have prepared a sizing guide for finding the fitting pusher for you. Simply click on the picture below and print the document.

    ***Make sure that you’re printing on an A4 paper. On page sizing option, set it to custom scale at 100%***

    Glans sizing guide  Click on the picture to print the document 

    Once you have printed the document, please follow these steps:

    Step 1:Place a credit card or any other card of the same size on the drawing to make sure you have the correct scale.

    Step 2: Fold the paper at the horizontal line.

    Step 3: Cut the inner section of the circle.

    Step 4: Slide your glans through the hole. The largest hole that isn’t larger than your glans is the right one for you.

    How to measure your glans’s width?

    If you can’t print our sizing guide, you can choose the fitting pusher according to your glans’s width.

    We recommend using a caliper as shown in the picture below:

    If you don’t have a caliper, then you can make a DIY Caliper by following these instructions:

    Step 1: You need a ruler and two paper stripes.

    Step 2: Fold the paper a few times to make it thicker, and then fold it a few times around the ruler.

    Step 3: Use a duct tape to attach one strip of paper to the ruler. Make sure the stripe is aligned with the ruler’s measurements units.

    Step 4: Move the second stripe on the ruler until the two stripes of paper gently touch the glans.

    ***If you don’t want to mess around with measuring and you prefer to do it simple and quick, you can lay a ruler directly on the glans as shown in the picture below. Please be aware that it’s not as precise as the other methods. Make sure to look carefully!***

    How to match your measurement with the correct pusher?

    Size A: Designed for restorers with a glans width smaller or equal to 30 mm / 1.18 Inches

    Size B: Designed for restorers with a glans width of 30-32 mm / 1.18-1.26 Inches

    Size C: Designed for restorers with a glans width of 32-34 mm / 1.26 – 1.34 Inches

    Size D: Designed for restorers with a glans width of 34-37 mm / 1.34 – 1.45 Inches

    Size E: Designed for restorers with a glans width of 37-40 mm / 1.45 – 1.57 Inches

    Size F: Designed for restorers with a glans width of 40-43 mm / 1.57 – 1.70 Inches

    Size G: Designed for restorers with a glans width larger or equal to 43 mm / 1.7 Inches.


    My measurement came out right in between two size categories, which one should I choose?

    In that case, look at the shape of your glans. If it has a pointed tip, choose the smaller size category. If it has a rounded cap, choose the larger size category. 


    I have received my pusher, how do I know if I made the right choice?

    Here is a series of pictures to illustrate the difference between the pusher’s sizes.

    These pictures will help you to determine whether the pusher you have chosen is indeed suitable for you.

    The Pusher should be as close as possible to the width of your glans without being larger.

    Is it really that important to do all these measurements?

    Definitely yes. The Mantor’s unique pusher is designed to let you comfortably put pressure on your glans without causing any discomfort. A fitting pusher is critical for your success. Getting a pusher that is too small or too big greatly reduces your comfort, and thus will most likely prevent you from enjoying the full potential of the Mantor.

    What is it made of?

    The Mantor’s pusher pad is made from a skin safe, platinum soft silicone manufactured in the USA.

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