The Mantor’s Guide for restoring with a Tugging Strap

Mantor guide for using a tugging strap

Tugging is a great way to focus on outer skin, and it is also a very comfortable method – sometimes pleasurable even – when done correctly. Using a Tugging strap can be done solely with a tugger, or it can be added to another Tugging method like Dual tension or inflation, making the combo a very powerful and effective way to restore. I have made a series of pictures to demonstrate the different methods which I know of, how to use a Tugging strap. In the pictures I’m using the Mantor Restorer DS (in dual tension mode) together with the Mantor’s Tugging Kit.

Before we get into details, you should first learn how to wear the strap around the knee. Here’s a video to demonstrate how it is done. You should also learn how to turn your Mantor into a tugger by using the bolt and ring adapters that comes as part of the tugging kit. Here’s a video to show you how exactly it is done

Tugging strap under the knee

Picture nr 1: Strap below the knee

Pros: Discreet, doesn’t interrupt mobility, you can do almost anything with it even physical jobs, easy to adjust tension. This is my personal favorite method of using the strap. Here is a video to show you how I wear it (search for the video titled how to use the mantor Tugging strap). 

Cons: None that I can think of. 

When to wear it: Any time is good. This leads to…

Tugging strap under the knee while sitted

Picture Nr 2: Strap below the knee while seated

Another variation of the strap below the knee method. This one is especially practical for restorers who spend a long time sitting. You wrap the strap below the knee like in picture nr 2, and you pass the strap above the knee cap and this creates tension. By spreading the leg you can add even more tension and by doing this repeatedly you create a cycle of tension. You can also do it while sitting with your legs crossed or when lying on the sofa with your legs bent.

Tugging strap above the knee

Picture Nr 3: Strap above the knee

Pros: Very discreet, can be worn even with shorts on a hot summer day and still no one will notice. 

Cons: can get uncomfortable around the hip because it needs to be tight to stay in place. 

When to use it: when you are about to go in public, you want to have a short because it’s hot and you don’t want anyone to know your secret 😉

Tugging strap under the foot

Picture Nr 4: Strap around the foot

Pros: Discreet under long trousers, gives a very good dynamic stretch thanks to the long strap. 

Cons: Doesn’t provide tension when sitting. 

When to use it: This method is especially good when you walk. When you move your leg back and forth, it creates an amazing cyclic tension.

Tugging strap above the shoulder

Picture Nr 5: Strap around the shoulder

Pros: Very similar to the strap around the neck method, this one helps to focus on the dorsal part + a side of your choice. 

Cons: Not so comfortable to move with it. 

When to use it: At home when you are mostly static.

Tugging strap above the neck

Picture Nr 6: Strap around the neck

Pros: Good for focusing on the dorsal part of the foreskin. Can be discreet too. 

Cons: Not so comfortable to move with it + it can hurt the neck after a while. 

When to use it: At home when you are mostly static


It’s good to regularly alternate between the sides where you attach the strap to, except if you want to focus more on a particular side of your foreskin.

***If you’re using T-tape, then you can also wrap the strap around your waist for a very discreet Tugging.***

That’s it, I hope this guide helps you in your restoration journey.

KOT 🤟🤩


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