User's Guide

Step 1: Get your Mantor ready for stretching by separating the tension adjuster cap from the main body, allowing smooth movement along the rod (Pic No.1).


Join the pusher and the rod by screwing them together in a clockwise direction until they reach a stop. Use caution not to over-tighten the thread, as this could damage the connection between the stainless-steel nut and the silicone. It’s sufficient to thread the rod until it reaches its end. When tension is engaged, the rod and pusher counteract each other, preventing unintended movement or rotation.


Ensure the proper installation of the AirPad on the pusher. For further details about the AirPad, click here. If you don’t have an AirPad, you can still utilize the Mantor.


Step 2: Invert the top gripper and slide the Mantor’s main body downward onto the pusher. Place the pusher on the glans. If your pusher has a notch, ensure it aligns with the lower part facing the frenulum. Start pressing the glans inwards.

Step 3: Continue pressing on the glans. Bring as much skin as you can onto the white bottom gripper using your fingers to grab and pull the skin.

When enough skin is on the bottom gripper (Pic no.1), hold it in place by forming the letter ”O” with your fingers (Pic no.2). 

Beginners TIP: For those who are just starting out, it might be easier to apply the skin to the gripper if youre sitting down.


Step 4: Invert back the top gripper onto the skin, simultaneously letting go of the skin with your fingers. It’s essential to keep pushing the Mantor inward to prevent the skin from slipping out. This method is the best that I know to spread the skin evenly around the gripper. It prevents skin folds or skin bunching that could lead to slippage or pinching.


This step might pose the greatest challenge, particularly for beginners with shorter foreskin.

Initially, during the first week, expect to make several attempts before achieving success. It may take a week or two to acclimate to the process. This adjustment period is normal and will improve as you persist.

Step 5: Ensure the skin is aligned with the gripper. Gently extend the Mantor outward and observe how the skin is drawn up with the tension (blue arrow). Position it to reach the ridge line (black arrow), taking care not to release an excessive amount of skin or position it too low under the top gripper to avoid potential skin slippage.

Step 6: Prepare to stretch your foreskin by extending the Mantor outward again, this time while applying inward pressure on the pusher by pressing the rod’s tip (pic no.1). Repeat the process of inserting and retracting the pusher several times to ensure it settles comfortably on the glans without trapping any skin folds in between or adhering to the skin from the sides. Experiment with different angles to find the most comfortable positioning. Once you’ve reached a comfortable stretching level, join both parts of the Mantor together and rotate the tension adjuster cap clockwise until it stops. Firmly tightening isn’t necessary, as the tension created within the Mantor prevents any movement between the two parts. Ensuring both parts are aligned in the same line is sufficient (pic no.2).

Step 7: How much tension is enough? 


The issue of determining the ideal tension for achieving the best and quickest results remains a contentious topic within the foreskin restoration community. There’s no definitive consensus on this matter, as it largely depends on individual preferences and objectives. It’s an aspect that warrants in-depth discussion and exploration.


In this guide, I will outline the gentle stretching method conducted over several hours during each session. This technique is what I’ve personally found to be the most effective and convenient, requiring minimal effort and avoiding discomfort.


How do you gauge the right amount of tension? From my experience, I’ve noticed optimal results when the Mantor DS is approximately 1cm away from the end of the gripper (Pic no.1). Moreover, I have the option of opting for direct stretching to concentrate more tension on a specific area of the foreskin. In such a case, I will pull one of the cords down to the hooking point (Pic no. 2). I can also effortlessly increase the tension by pulling down all 3 cords together (Pic no.3)

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