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Since I began promoting the Mantor Restorer, I have been approached by individuals who have yet to try the device or embark on the restoration process. They have raised various inquiries regarding the device and the restoration journey. In light of my knowledge and experience gained from years of personally restoring my own foreskin and engaging with other men at various events I have organized on this topic, I have decided to write this article.

It is important to note that there is no singular, absolute method for foreskin restoration. This article aims to provide a general guideline that can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and routine.

The article is divided into two parts. The first part consists of fundamental principles that are crucial to remember for a successful restoration process.

The second part offers tips for using the Mantor Restorer, catering to both beginners and experienced restorers. It is my hope that this article will assist you in achieving a pleasant and comfortable restoration journey, leading to satisfying results.

Before making any decisions regarding foreskin restoration, I encourage you to read the disclaimer located at the bottom of this page.

Key principles to remember

Establishing a Routine

Routine and perseverance are key factors in successful foreskin restoration. Without dedication and consistency, progress will be limited. The foundation of a successful restoration process lies in the combination of time and stretching.


Time Commitment

It is recommended to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours per day and ideally as much time as possible, 6 days a week, to the restoration process.


Importance of Rest Days

Allowing a day of rest for the skin is essential for recovery and growth. During periods of rest, the skin has the opportunity to regenerate and develop.


Finding the Right Tension

The optimal tension level varies from person to person. Each individual needs to determine the tension that suits them best. It is important to achieve a noticeable stretch, as a gentle stretch may not stimulate skin growth. However, excessive tension can lead to skin irritation, the formation of stretch marks, or even minor skin tears. If discomfort or minor injuries occur, it is crucial to listen to your body and adjust the tension accordingly.


Designing Your Routine

The correct routine is the one that you can adhere to consistently. It is essential to find a device that is comfortable and yields visible results. For example, a routine may involve wearing the Mantor Restorer in the morning before work, taking short breaks from stretching throughout the day, using the Mantor DS for targeted tugging in the afternoon to address shorter areas of the skin, incorporating sessions of high-volume stretching, occasionally incorporating manual methods 2 and 3, and using the Mantor tugger kit with a strap to focus on outer skin.


Maintaining Cleanliness

Keeping the Mantor clean is crucial for two main reasons. Firstly, for hygiene purposes as it is worn on the penis for extended periods every day. Secondly, the Mantor functions optimally when it is clean. It is recommended to clean the device at least once a day with lukewarm water and soap (preferably a bar of soap or castile soap) to remove accumulated skin oils.

Prior to using the Mantor, ensure that both your skin and the device are thoroughly dry.


Nourishing the Skin

Applying oil at the end of a stretching day helps stimulate new cell production and growth. Oils rich in vitamin E, such as almond oil, coconut oil, and wheat germ oil, can be used for this purpose. I personally use a brand called Dew Serum.


Dew Serum was created by Marc, a fellow restorer in the USA who was looking for a soothing product to work in with his restoration routine with the Mantor. He offered me to try his Dew Serum and I love it so much. Dew is not a generic cream but a blended serum, made with 6 premium oils. It’s designed to be quickly absorbed leaving skin smooth and supple, without any tackiness or greasiness. It’s 100% naturel and Cruelty-free. I enjoy using it and I highly recommend it. Additionally, Marc is part of the restoration community and I’m happy to support his product which I’m sure many people will enjoy and benefit from.

Dew Serum is currently available at and is now on Amazon in certain areas. If you purchase and leave a review on Amazon then Mantor users will receive a free bottle (USA only.) Just send a screenshot of the review to and tell Marc I sent you!~


Pro tip: Use the oil at night and cover the penis with a hood for superior moisturization. Although it’s not at all greasy, any cream or oil may leave a fine residue that could cause extra slippage while you are actively stretching the skin and so it’s best to leave the skin clean and dry when stretching and save moisturization for night times and days off. Simply massage 3-6 drops onto the penis until absorbed to be ready again for your next session.

Tips for using the Mantor

(some for beginners and some for both)

Here are some additional tips for using the Mantor Restorer and maintaining a successful restoration process:

  1. Trim your pubic hair before putting on the device, especially for beginners. This reduces the risk of hair getting caught in the device.

  2. Switch to wearing boxer shorts instead of tight underwear. Boxer shorts provide more room for the device to move and ensure better comfort.

  3. If you struggle with putting on the device for the first time, remain calm and patient, don’t forget to Breathe. Putting a device on your penis is not something you were taught before and it’s probably not a knowledge passed on from father to son. It is your first time, and you may not succeed on the first attempt. And in the second attempt neither, but after a few trials, you will succeed. Like when you couldn’t ride a bike at first. You drove and fell until a few trials later it suddenly started to flow. With each passing day, it gets easier and easier. Both because of the skill you are beginning to acquire, and also because the skin begins to become looser very quickly. Remember that it’s a learning process, take your time.

  4. The technique for wearing the Mantor involves placing the pusher on the glans and bringing the skin forward onto the bottom gripper. Use your fingers to secure the transparent top gripper onto the skin. You can watch a demonstration video Here.

  5. When pulling the Mantor’s body towards the tension adjuster cap, start with a gentle stretch and gradually increase the tension over time. Pay attention to your body and take your time to allow your skin to adapt and get used to the tension. Listen to your body and establish a connection with your penis.

  6. Experiment with different angles when pressing on the pusher pad. Find the angle that feels most comfortable for you.

  7. Before pressing on the pusher, make sure to pull the Mantor’s body in the opposite direction to create slightly taut skin. This helps prevent skin folds from getting caught between the pusher and the glans.

  8. After tugging with the Mantor for 3-4 hours, when you feel the need for a rest, gradually release the tension instead of lowering it too quickly. Lower the tension halfway, wait for a minute, and then release it completely. During the break, you can use the Mantor as a retainer, there’s no need to take it off entirely. If you need to remove the device urgently to urinate, separate the pusher from the glans in a rotating motion of the Mantor.

  9. At the end of the day, after stretching for 8-12 hours, it’s important to rest. Use the Mantor’s retainer to protect and cover the glans. Wearing a retainer when not actively tugging helps protect the glans and increases sensitivity. Embrace the pleasant feeling of having the glans covered.

Remember, restoration is a journey, and everyone’s experience may vary. Be consistent, patient, and attentive to your body’s needs. Enjoy the process and the pleasure it brings.

In conclusion

Foreskin restoration is a lengthy and mentally challenging process that requires considerable patience. It often feels like staring at a flower and waiting for it to grow. The key is to persistently stretch day after day, week after week, knowing that results will eventually come.

Even during moments of stagnation, it’s crucial to keep going, as slow progress is still progress. It’s important to understand that when enough tension is applied to the skin over a sufficient period, it will naturally lengthen. This principle is not science fiction but a fundamental law of nature.

The true reward lies in the moments when you begin to notice new sensations and capabilities that were absent before. It’s a magical experience and a significant victory. Each milestone conquered on the path to restoration brings a sense of satisfaction and brings you closer to feeling whole again. By consistently investing in yourself day by day, you will continue to grow and progress.

I hope these tips will provide you with the motivation and inspiration needed to stay committed to your foreskin restoration journey. Keep On Tugging (KOT) and stay determined.




Tamir Levy

Mantor Restorer


Please read our Medical Disclaimer before any purchase or use of our Mantor Devices. 

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