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Since I started marketing the Mantor, I have been approached by a number of people who have never tried the device and have not yet started the restoration process. They had various questions about the device and the restoration process, so I decided to write this article based on my knowledge and experience I have gained during my years of restoring my foreskin and through meeting other men at the different events I have organised around this subject.

There’s no one absolut and correct way to restore. This article will provide a general guideline and you can make any adjustments you’d like to accomodate your needs and routine.

This article is divided into two parts: the first part is a collection of principles which are important and essential to remember in order to go through a successful process.

In the second part I will give some tips for using the Mantor-Restorer, both for beginners as well as for those who are experienced. Hopefully this article will help you to achieve the most pleasant, comfortable restoration process with satisfying results.

Do note that before you make any decision about restoring your foreskin, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Key principles to remember

Routine and Perseverance

This is the bread and butter of restoration. Without perseverance there will be no progress. A successful restoration process must have a basis of time + stretching. 

How long every day?

Somewhere between a minimum of 6 hours a day and a maximum of as much as possible, 6 days a week.

Why 6 days?

Because the skin also needs a day off for recovery and relaxation. At rest the skin grows.

How much tension?

It varies from person to person, everyone needs to find the level of tension that suits them. It is important to have a noticeable stretch because a stretch that is too gentle will not encourage the skin to grow. On the other hand, a tension that is too strong can cause the skin to become irritated, can cause the formation of stretch marks and in extreme circumstances some minor skin tears. Normally a few days of rest will let the skin heal but you will feel discomfort and delays in your restoration . Therefore it is very important to listen to your body and follow your intuition. 

What is the correct routine?

Simply put – the right routine is the one that you can stick to, and the right device is the one that you will be comfortable with and will see results from.

My routine for example: every morning before work I put on my Mantor, during the day I take two short breaks of a quarter of an hour from stretching and then stretch again. Come home in the afternoon, I’m taking a 1 hour break and wearing the retainer, then I continue on to targeted tugging with my Mantor DS and focus on the part of my skin that is shorter. I mix it with short sessions of high volume stretching.  Occasionally I mix with manual method 2 and 3, and for some days I wear the Mantor tugger with a strap to focus on outer skin.


It’s important to Keep your Mantor clean for 2 main reasons:

The first one is clear – hygiene. It is a device that is worn on your penis for hours every day. The second reason is that the Mantor functions better when it is clean.

The skin secretes fat, and over time the fat accumulates on the Mantor. Cleaning once a day with dish soap and lukewarm water does the job and keeps the Mantor clean and sweet.

Before putting the Mantor on, It is important to make sure that both your skin and the Mantor are dry before use.


Apply oil at the end of your day of stretching, it helps the skin to produce new cells and grow.. You can use any oil rich in vitamin E, such as almond oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil and the like.

In addition you can apply a natural cream or ointment on the push plate, and thus enjoy nourishing the glans during tugging. It is better to have a thick ointment like shea butter rather than oil, for the reason that the oil is liquid and quite certainly will eventually reach your foreskin then on the Mantor, and when everything is oily the skin will just slip out.

Tips for using the Mantor

(some for beginners and some for both)

 # 1: Before you put on a device, trim your pubic. Usually for beginners there’s not much skin, therefore a high chance that hair will get caught in the device.

 # 2: Switch to boxer shorts. With boxer shorts there is room for the device to move and be free. With tight underwear it will be less comfortable.

 # 3: You have finally received the Mantor and are ready to go. You take the device and try to put it on. You might never tried a device before and you may struggle at first to put it on.

What should you do???

First thing, Breathe. Putting a device on your cock is not something you were taught before and it’s probably not a knowledge passed on from father to son. It is your first time, and you may not succeed on the first attempt. And in the second attempt neither, But after a few trials, you will succeed. Like when you couldn’t ride a bike at first. You drove and fell a few times until a few trials later it suddenly started to flow. With each passing day, it gets easier and easier. Both because of the skill you are beginning to acquire, and also because the skin begins to become looser very quickly.

# 4: Technique for wearing the Mantor:

First step is to place the pusher on the crown, push it in by holding the Mantor’s body part. At the same time, with the other hand, grasp the skin around the penis with the thumb and forefinger, and bring the skin forward on the Mantor. Continue to push it towards the body as much as possible, and with the help of two fingers flip the transparent silicone onto the skin. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning, you have a learning curve to go through. Be patient and the results will come.

# 5: You managed to put the skin on the Mantor – fantastic.

Now start pulling the Mantor’s body to the locker cap, slowly and gently. 

Do not reach the endurance threshold immediately. 

Do not start too fast. 

Take your time, start with a gentle stretch, linger in this moment and be observant. Let your skin get used to it. Do not hurry. Slowly and gradually you may raise the tension if you wish. The key word here is listening to your body, to your penis. This is an important part of the magic of restoration. It not only stretches your skin, it also helps to establish a solid bond and connection to your penis.

# 6: When using the Mantor it is important to know that the angle at which you push the pusher head has an effect on comfort. There is no one right angle. Everyone and his anatomy. Therefore, experiment  pushing the push plate at different angles until you’ll find the right angle for you. A small change in the pushing angle can really upgrade the ease of use. Applying shea butter on the pusher surface is a good way improve comfort and nourish the glans. 

# 7: Just before pushing the push plate, you should pull the Mantor’s body in the opposite direction to make the skin slightly taut and then push the pusher. This way you make sure there are no skin folds that might get caught between the pusher and the glans.

# 8: It’s been 3-4 hours that you are tugging with the Mantor. The skin begins to signal to you that it needs rest. Excellent, it’s a sign that the tension level is good.

Now slowly release the tension. Sometimes after a long stretching session, lowering and releasing the Mantor too quickly can cause an unpleasant sensation, so it is best to lower the tension gradually. You can first lower to half distance, wait a minute and then lower completely. If an urgent need is to be lowered for pee, then release the pushing head from the glans in a rotating motion of the Mantor. 

Take a half hour rest. You can use the Mantor as a retainer during the break and once you are ready for a second stretching session just attach the pusher with the rod and start tugging again.

# 9: You did 8-12 hours of stretching today and now you just want to let go. Excellent, resting is essential for the skin, it is built and lengthened at rest. This is now the moment to put on the retainer that comes with the Mantor. Just put the retainer on the glans and enjoy a pleasant, protective feeling between your legs. 

Wherever you go without tugging, wear a retainer. The more the glans is protected, the more sensitive it becomes. After a period of using a retainer you might reflect on all those years you were with the glans exposed and realise how good it is to have the glans covered.

Sheer pleasure!

In conclusion

Foreskin restoration is a long, Sisyphean process and a hell of a mental challenge. It’s a bit like sitting and staring at a flower and waiting for it to grow already. It takes a lot of patience because every day you look at your penis and at your progress. Often nothing seems to move. 

What has been helping me to persevere through my years of restoring (and still is) is knowing that if I stretch day after day, week after week, the results will come.

Even when I seem to be stuck and nothing happens, I keep going, because I know it will happen in the end. Slow progress is still progress.

 This is not science fiction, but a simple principle – skin that is applied enough tension for enough time, ends up lengthening. Like the flower, it too will grow. It’s a law of nature.

The reward for the efforts invested in restoration comes in those moments when I perceive something new that I did not feel or could have done before. A long process that matured under my radar was revealed and discovered. I started to feel sensations I had not felt before. It’s magical. It’s a huge victory. A wonderful sense of satisfaction arises when I conquer another milestone or a summit on the way to being whole again. I know that with a day-to-day investment in myself, I will continue to grow and be closer to whole day by day.

I hope these tips will indeed help you in your process and keep you motivated to continue on your path for being restored.

Keep on Tugging 

Mantor team


Please read our Medical Disclaimer before any purchase or use of our Mantor Devices. 

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