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What is the Mantor Restorer?

 The Mantor Restorer was officially launched in December 2021, and has since became very popular in the global foreskin restoration communities, serving hundreds (soon to be thousands) of dedicated restorers around the world every day. It is well known for its comfort and gripping abilities, and as a result, people are reporting of faster skin growth and notable progress since they’ve started using the Mantor’s devices.

We are happy you found us, and we invite you to embark on your own journey with our Mantor Devices.

The Mantor Restorer device was invented by Tamir Levy, a foreskin restorer himself and a dedicated intactivist, who tried almost every foreskin restoration device available at that time, but was very frustrated he couldn’t find the perfect one for him. He decided to use his engineering abilities and started working on the development of his dream device. During the long development process, Tamir has come up with the patent pending invention called the Adjustable Tugging System, a unique feature of the Mantor restorer. Two years of a R&D process gave birth to the Mantor Restorer, making Tamir’s dream come true.

How does it work?

Mantor restorer mode of application

The Mantor restorer is primarily a Bi directional skin tensioner (also called dual tension method). It works by pushing the penis glans in one direction and pulling the shaft skin in the opposite direction, so tension is created. 

The first step in applying the Mantor is to aim the pusher pad to face and touch the glans. The device should have the top gripper pulled back, revealing the inner white gripper. Now, pull the skin forward onto the inner gripper. If you don’t have much skin, you can push the Mantor with the glans towards the body to help the skin reach the gripping point. The next step is to flip back the top gripper so that it falls on the skin, securing it in place between the two grippers. Once the skin is secured, pull the main body up along the rod until you reach the desired tension and couple it to the tension adjuster cap at a chosen point along the rod to apply a constant tension to the skin. Pull one of the cords down to the hooking point if you want to focus more tension on a specific part of your foreskin, or simply pull all three cords to create a higher tension altogether.

Mantor restorer mode of application

The mantor's parts

Mantor Restorer Parts List

Here’s a complete guide with a list of the parts that makes the Mantor Restorer such a unique and amazing device! 

Threaded Rod: Runs through the center of the whole device, acts as the “spine” of the device. Made of high quality stainless steel.

Pusher Pad: Coupled to one end of the rod, this pushing element has a concave area shaped to comfortably contact the glans. Soft, made of high quality Platinum skin safe silicone.

Tension adjuster cap: Fixed to the rod with an interior thread, can move up and down along the rod to aim the tension with high precision. Can be coupled to the main body.

Main Body: can slide freely along the length of the rod and configured to connect to the Tension adjuster cap.holds one end of the elastic loops which are threaded through the body.

Elastic Cords: 3 loops of cords, distributed radially about the rod, threaded around the main body and anchored in 6 points under the gripper, these high quality cords provide a dynamic, wide range of tension.

Hooking points: By pulling the elastic cords onto the hooking point, the user can control the orientation of the gripper and create more tension on the desired area of the foreskin…


Mantor Restorer Parts List

The Mantor's gripper

Mantor Restorer Gripper

The Mantor’s gripper bell is well known and praised among the many restorers who use the Mantor Restorer. The Mantor’s gripper is so comfortable it will not stop your blood flow when under tension and will not cause gripper fatigue like so many other devices do. Some of the cheaper devices use a baby bottle nipple silicone as a gripper, it’s stiff and hard on the skin. The Mantor’s gripper is designed especially for foreskin restoration and is made of the highest quality platinum skin safe silicone.

The Mantor’s gripper consists of two silicone bell shaped elements- a top gripper and a bottom gripper (as seen on the open position photo) that grips the skin from both sides, providing a soft touch to the skin yet a powerful grip that will keep your skin in place even under the highest of tension. Once the gripper is applied onto the skin, you can use the alignment ridge to make sure you have evenly spread the skin, and you can determine the grip strength by placing the skin above, under or below the ridge. Another design aspect of the Mantor’s unique gripper is that it grips the skin according to the amount of tension applied. As you can see in the striped view, when tension is applied, the bottom gripper moves up against the top gripper, and the top gripper is being pulled down to hold the skin that’s under it.

Mantor Restorer Gripper

What makes the Mantor Restorer so unique?

Mantor Restorer Adjustable Tugging System

The Mantor Restorer is the only device with our patent pending, the Adjustable Tugging System, AKA the A.T.S.

The A.T.S provide the capability to selectively orient the gripper by pulling the corresponding elastic loops on the main body using the hooking points. This gives the user the maximum control in deciding which part of the foreskin to stretch. By applying more tension to a specific part of the foreskin, thus encouraging more skin growth to that specific area, the user can fix an asymmetrical foreskin and achieve a better looking final result. The design is compact, easy to use, comfortable to wear throughout the day, and provides the capability for quick and easy adjustments.

This system was created during the development process, and it came to solve the problem I had, which was that the skin was noticeably uneven, when one side of the foreskin was longer than the opposite side. During my activity in the different foreskin restoration groups, I began to notice that there were many other restorers like me reporting the exact same problem. Until now, the only available solution was to manually stretch the shorter part of the skin and thus gradually reach an evenness between the different parts. Manual stretching is a great thing and I recommend everyone to incorporate it into their restoration routine, but at the same time, it is very difficult to stick to manual stretching for many reasons, primarily the lack of time in the busy daily routine. Now, thanks to the Mantor’s ATS, you can achieve the perfect result without the effort involved in manual stretching.


Mantor Restorer Adjustable Tugging System

What do we love about the Mantor restorer?

If we spend hours every day wearing a device, why not make it in fun colors and different combinations? You can choose the color of your Mantor, may it be black, white, red, yellow etc. You can even mix between them to have a collection of colors.

We wish that every man will have a well designed device to act like a piece of jewellery attached to the beloved part of his. We wish that when he’ll be standing naked in front of the mirror, he’ll have plenty of self love and positive feelings for himself. He’ll be watching himself and say – “I Love what I see”.

We invite you to embark on your own journey together with our Mantor devices.

Foreskin restoration is a long and meaningful journey. It may have a profound effect on your sex life, and also on your self image and the way an individual experiences himself in the world. We believe that foreskin restoration has the potential for a deep emotional shift in life. We therefore are thrilled to become a part of your own journey for growth.

We have still many new things to come, new inventions and accessories.

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Main Products

Blossom into a New You!

Mantor Restorer DS

Mantor Restorer DS Black

The Mantor restorer DS is the most advanced device in our catalog. It uses all the benefits of our Adjustable tugging system.

With the Direct Stretch (DS) abilities, you can target your tugging to a specific area of your foreskin, giving you a full control on your tugging and on the final result of your restoration efforts. This ability is unique to the Mantor Restorer DS and cannot be found on any other device. This feature will soon become an official US registered patent. 


Another feature of the DS system is that you can achieve an insanely high level of tension WITHOUT adding more pressure on the glans. With all 3 cords positioned on the hooking point, you will experience a level of tension you’ve never felt before and still be comfortable. If you like to go strong on your tension, this device is for you!!!

Many men don’t have a symmetrical length of foreskin due to the circumcision. During the restoration journey, there comes a moment when one wishes to “Equalize” the length by focusing and putting more tension on the shorter part of the foreskin. Until now, the only option to do that was by manual tugging the desired area. Manual tugging is a great method, but for many men it is very hard to keep it in the routine or even find time to do it.

The Mantor restorer DS does just that, it lets you put more tension where you choose and helps you reach the goal for a symmetrical and a better looking foreskin.

With the Mantor restorer DS, you can shape your foreskin while having your hands free.


First step is to apply tension to the skin in the same way as with the Mantor restorer. Now, If you want to put more tension on a specific part of your foreskin, just grab one of the elastic loops, and pull it downwards to the small “tooth”. You’ll notice how the puller head moves on its side where you pulled the cords, and you can feel how your foreskin gets a stronger stretch in the designated area.

If you want to have an insane strong stretch all together, just pull all the cords down to the hooking point. The stretch can be very strong, so be very careful, responsible and pay close attention to any sign of discomfort. These super strong stretching should be done for very short sessions and only if you know your skin well already. Be attentive and responsible.

Mantor Restorer DS Black
Watch a demonstration video here
You must be aged 18+ as it contains an explicit male nudity 

Mantor Restorer - Classic

Mantor Restorer Classic Black

The Mantor Restorer Classic model is similar to a classic dual tension device, but with all the benefits of our top quality parts and our the unique tension adjusting design that together makes our Mantor devices famous for what they are – comfortable, grippy, efficient. It will give you an equal, all-around stretch thanks to the Mantor’s unique gripper which is a key part in our patent pending Adjustable Tugging System. Our gripper will adapt its position according to your skin’s length to make sure that every part of your foreskin will get stretched equally. Together with the soft pusher pad, you will be able to stretch your foreskin for many hours making the most out of your time spent in restoration. 

Small and easy to use, the Classic model is our go-to device for the more budget – minded restorers without compromising on quality and comfort.

Once you have placed your foreskin under the gripper, pull the main body up to the tension adjuster cap. As more tension is being created, you will feel the magic happen as the gripper adapts its position and angle according to your skin’s length. Combined with the flexibility of the elastic cords, every part of the foreskin will be stretched in a dynamic way, meaning that whether you are in a constant move or static standing / sitting, the Mantor will continue to apply tension to your skin.

Mantor Restorer Classic Black
Watch a demonstration video here
You must be aged 18+ as it contains an explicit male nudity 

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