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We are proud and excited to present the most advanced line of devices for foreskin restoration with the revolutionary
Adjustable Tugging System

What is the Mantor Restorer?

The Mantor restorer’s line of devices brings a fresh and exciting new approach to the world of foreskin restoration devices.  We have developed a new tugging system, the patent pending A.T.S, based on the Bi directional method. We have designed two main devices that will stretch your foreskin with maximum efficiency and comfort to take you forward to the next level. 
Our devices have two very unique features:

Adjustable Tugging System
It’s the Mantor’s unique combination of the gripper bell with the elastic cords. The gripper is detached from the rod and can change it’s position to adapt to your skin. This revolutionary design will help many men around the world to succesfully restore their foreskin.

Direct stretch
Direct stretch makes the most out of the A.T.S.
With direct stretch you can target exactly the area you wish to tug by pulling on the elastic cords of your choice. You can also reach an extremely high level of tension and still be comfortable.

What do we love about the Mantor restorer?

If we spend hours every day wearing a device, why not make it in fun colors and different combinations? You can choose the color of your Mantor, may it be black, white, red, yellow etc. You can even mix between them to have a collection of colors.

We wish that every man will have a well designed device to act like a piece of jewellery attached to the beloved part of his. We wish that when he’ll be standing naked in front of the mirror, he’ll have plenty of self love and positive feelings for himself. He’ll be watching himself and say – “I Love what I see”.

We invite you to embark on your own journey together with our Mantor devices.

Foreskin restoration is a long and meaningful journey. It may have a profound effect on your sex life, and also on your self image and the way an individual experiences himself in the world. We believe that foreskin restoration has the potential for a deep emotional shift in life. We therefore are thrilled to become a part of your own journey for growth.

We have still many new things to come, new inventions and accessories.

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Main Products

Blossom into a New You!

Mantor Restorer DS

The big brother of the classic version, the Mantor restorer DS is the first device that gives you full control on your tugging. Based on the original ATS from the classic version, this device adds the direct stretch (DS) system and takes the user control to another level.

 With it’s unique DS system, you can target exactly the area you want to tug.

Another benefit of the DS system is that you can achieve an insanely high level of tension WITHOUT adding more pressure on the glans.

If you like stretching strong, this device is for you!!!

Many men doesn’t have a symmetrical length of foreskin due to the circumcision. During the restoration journey, there comes a moment when one wishes to “Equallize” the length by focusing and putting more tension on the shorter part of the foreskin. Until now, the only option to do that was by manual tugging the desired area. Manual tugging is a great method, but for many men it is very hard to keep it in the routine or even find time to do it.

The Mantor restorer DS does just that, it lets you put more tension where you choose and helps you reach the goal for a symmetrical and a better looking foreskin.

With the Mantor restorer DS you can shape your foreskin while having your hands free.


First step is to apply tension to the skin in the same way like with the Mantor restorer. Now, If you want to put more tension on a specific part of your foreskin, just grab one of the elastic loops, and pull it downwards to the small “tooth”. You’ll notice how the puller head moves on it’s side where you pulled the cords, and you can feel how your foreskin gets a stronger stretch in the designated area.

If you want to have an insane strong stretch all together, just pull all of the cords until the bottom. The stretch can be very strong so be very careful, responsible and pay close attention to any sign of discomfort. These super strong stretching should be done for very short sessions and only if you know your skin well already. Be attentive and responsible.

click the image to watch the video

This video contains male nudity
and is meant for 18+ audience only!

Mantor Restorer - Classic

The first ever foreskin restoration device with the evolutionary Adjustable tugging system (A.T.S)

It will give you an all-around stretch, long and consistent with its unique A.T.S combined with the super grippy double silicone. Its soft silicone pusher will allow you to tug comfortably for hours every day.

With the Mantor Restorer you will achieve better results in a shorter time!

At the base of the Mantor lies the soft silicone pusher that pushes the glans towards the scrotum.  Above the pusher,  there’s the silicone covered dome shaped tugger, when combined with the silicone gripper, together they make a firm yet comfortable grip.

The whole assembly has a hole on the top centre, with a larger diameter then the rod that travels through, to allow it to move in a diagonal direction with different angles around the rod.

The tugger is attached to the bioplastic body with 3 loops of a high quality elastic cord, anchored in 6 points round the perimeter, to give a wide and equal amount of tension all around.

By pulling the ATS assembly upwards along the threaded stainless steel rod, a tension is created.

At a user-defined point on the rod, there’s the locker- a cap that can be attached to the ATS cylinder to keep it in place and sustain the tension. By turning the cap to the right or left, you can aim with high precision the total amount of desired tension to the skin.

You will feel the magic happen as the tugger is adapting it’s position and angle according to your skin length. Combined with the flexibility of the elastic cords,  every part of the foreskin will be stretched in a dynamic way, meaning that whether you are in a constant move or

static standing / sitting, the Mantor will continue to apply a flexible and steady tension to your skin.



Be Inspired

Listen to the incredible story of Tamir Levy – the inventor of the Mantor Restorer –
how he found out about foreskin restoration and how it has changed his life!

Tamir’s story normally begins between 5-7 minutes into the episode.

Be Bold, Be Daring

Your Mantor journey can begin now!

We invite you to embark on your own journey together with our Mantor devices. 

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